Metal Waterproof RFID 125MHz Card Reader PIN Code Keypad Door Access Controller. Details. This RFID Proximity Card Dubai is a Waterproof RFID Access Control Keypad that can update the safety of your home and office. It also has Weigand 26 output, you can add an extra RFID reader on it.


  • Waterproof, conforms to IP68
  • Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case
  • Full programming from the keypad
  • 2000 uses, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
  • Backlight keys
  • Very low power consumption (30mA)
  • Fast operating speed, <20ms with 2000 users Lock output current short circuit protection Easy to install and program Built in light dependent resistor (LDR) for anti tamper

Making your office/ house secured has never been so easier. With our metal keypad, you will get one of the highest tech security systems for the most affordable price. Underestimating the value of a good security system is a common mistake people make. However, in today’s time, it is extremely important to have a Metal keypad RFID + PIN.

Top Reasons to Choose a Metal Outdoor RFID Card Keypad

When it involves securing your property, outdoor get entry to manipulate wishes an answer which could arise to the factors. Enter the steel outside RFID card keypad, a robust and convenient option for managing entry in any climate circumstance. But what are the precise advantages that make this keypad the perfect preference? Let’s dive in:

1. Built to Brave the Elements: Unlike its plastic opposite numbers, a metal outdoor RFID card keypad is made out of durable, weather-resistant substances. This guarantees it may face up to rain, snow, severe warmness, and even direct sunlight with out compromising capability or displaying signs of damage and tear.

2. Unmatched Security: The combination of RFID card era and a physical keypad offers a double layer of safety for your home. Access is granted only to people with legal playing cards, preventing unauthorized access tries. Additionally, the metal production acts as a deterrent in opposition to vandalism and tampering.

3. Convenience at Your Fingertips: Using a steel outdoor RFID card keypad eliminates the want for physical keys, which may be without problems misplaced or stolen. Simply faucet your authorized card at the reader, and the door unlocks. This not only adds convenience however also eliminates the hassle of managing and distributing bodily keys.

4. Increased Efficiency: Managing access control becomes easy with a metal outside RFID card keypad. You can effortlessly software and add/do away with authorized customers at once thru the keypad, disposing of the want for complex software program or physical key distribution.

5. Seamless Integration: Many metal outside RFID card keypads provide the ability to combine with current security systems. This permits for centralized control and real-time tracking of get entry to hobby, presenting a further layer of security and control.

Beyond the capabilities, right here are a few additional advantages of selecting a metal outdoor RFID card keypad:

Cost-powerful: Compared to traditional key-based totally systems, metal out of doors RFID card keypads provide a protracted-time period cost-effective answer because of their sturdiness and decreased reliance on bodily keys.
Wide utility variety: These keypads are ideal for numerous packages, inclusive of residential gates, workplace buildings, gated communities, or even creation websites.
Scalability: Many metal outside RFID card keypads can accommodate a large variety of customers, making them a appropriate answer for growing groups or groups.


If you’re searching out a reliable, stable, and handy access manipulate solution for your outdoor space, look no similarly than a metal outdoor RFID card keypad. It provides an appropriate mixture of security, comfort, and sturdiness, making sure your private home stays protected yr-spherical.


RFID Card Access Control Supplier in Dubai

We are one of the best punching rfid card access control supplier in Dubai. The current market requirement we have the best security and safety access control products in UAE.

Some of the best features of our metal keypad are written below:

RFID Card Access Control System Supplier

If you are looking for a great RFID Dubai, then your search has finished, because our proximity card Dubai is the best one you can get right now. With dozens of features and rugged build, this HID proxy card  is all you need for a safe and secure work environment.

We also have  ZK Teco proximity card access control, ZM-850 Fingerprint plus punching card Dubai. The real time HID proximity card access control is design to monitor fool proof security, which you can check out if you want something different.

RFID Card Access Control Supplier

Secure Your Facility with Trusted RFID Access Control Systems

Protect your humans and assets with a leading RFID get right of entry to manage answer.

In today’s global, security is paramount. An RFID get entry to control machine gives a strong and convenient manner to manipulate get right of entry to to your facilities. Our business enterprise gives a complete variety of RFID get right of entry to control products and services to satisfy your unique wishes.

Benefits of RFID Access Control:

Enhanced Security: Grant access to legal employees simplest.
Convenience: Effortless get admission to with a easy faucet of an RFID card or key fob.
Scalability: Systems may be effortlessly improved to house destiny boom.
Real-time Tracking: Monitor get right of entry to pastime and generate detailed reports.
Improved Efficiency: Streamline get entry to manipulate and decrease administrative tasks.

Our RFID Access Control Solutions:

RFID Card Readers: Long-range and short-range options for various applications.
RFID Credentials: Durable and secure RFID playing cards and key fobs.
Access Control Panels: Manage person get entry to and machine settings.
Software Integration: Integrate seamlessly with current safety structures.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Professionals:  Our crew has huge expertise and know-how in RFID get admission to control structures.
Reliable Products: We provide remarkable merchandise from main producers.
Unparalleled Support: We offer complete pre-income, set up, and put up-sales guide.
Customizable Solutions: We design structures to meet your specific requirements and price range.

Ready to Upgrade Your Security?

Contact us today for a free session to speak about your RFID get admission to manipulate needs. We’ll assist you find the appropriate option to steady your facility and come up with peace of mind.

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