Fingerprint Attendance Card Punching

ABM Innovative always used best CPU in attendance card punching machine. Type advance 32 Bit Cordis 5.0 + RISC. It is certainly best sensor algorithm available in industry.  Some of our products using HSA 8.0 latest Fingerprint New sensor. It is real time optical glass sensor must be probably Effective collecting area is  6.30 x 5.510 inch almost. Fingerprint acceptance angle less Then ± 44.99°C seems like Fingerprint user capacity 2000 numbers. In contrast EM card capacity 2000 numbers. Attendance logs memory 100000 numbers. Query logs available certainly Verify mode.

Attendance Card Punching machine with door lock

All Fingerprint, Password, Card False reject rate(FRR) less Than 0.01% False accept rate(FAR) Less Than 0.0001%.  Identification time less Then one Sec Identification Speed. Fastest 5000—-30000 numbers per second. Verify way 1:1/1:N Voice option              High Definition  voice LCD       128.0 x 64.0 Large blue background with Black characters Language display on LCD English Name display on LCD available.  LED Indicator     Red and Green LED light Keypad 16 numeric keys Card reader inside available.

Maintenance fingerprint password lock

Aside from this, attendance card punching machine timing subtleties of the workers. Mainly are utilized to produce the time sheet for finance and HR department. The HR or the account division nearly used to pay half of the month setting up the finance while ascertaining physically. However now with the face-recognition time attendance bio metric machine. It has become an employee of a solitary day.

Use of Attendance Card Punching Machine

Subsequently abm offers world class and rugged time attendance biometrics in Dubai. Our products quality time would now be able to be dedicated to other significant work. Science is where mechanical creations are happening excessively quickly. One more day, another innovation isn’t!

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