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Fingerprint time attendance terminal Dubai

Traditionally companies are using manual punch cards to record the employee’s attendance. In manual punch cards, staff can easily do the buddy attendance for other fellow staff. Actually, in most companies, there is more overtime involved. It is very critical to record the worker’s IN & OUT time accurately. Also at the end of the month, the HR officer calculates the daily overtime day by day for all the workers. It is very time-consuming for HR staff and there is a lot of chances that manual errors may happen.

Biometric Fingerprint Time Recorder in UAE

Nowadays It is very efficient to have a fingerprint time recorder to track the worker. The offices have staff attendance as a manual punch card looks obvious. The real advantage of using the fingerprint system is the employees can’t do the buddy punching.

Time Attendance Software in Dubai

As per HR feasibility Information from the fingerprint time recorder, it can be download to the Time Attendance Software. Time tracking apps compile detailed reports mentioning all employee information like Late coming, Overtime, and other allowances. We have the time attendance software where you have the option to create multiple shift patterns like morning shift, afternoon shift, night shift, auto overtime calculation, total work hour daily weekly, and monthly.

Fingerprint attendance system buy online Dubai

There is an option to buy online but Good software should not come with nicely designed useful reports like Daily attendance report, Individual employee attendance report, multiple punches reports which compile the latecomers, early going, Absents & missed in/out punching, daily Late report and Total working hour’s report. The total working hour monthly report usually will have the monthly late, early going & overtime worked by the staff employees.

Fingerprint Dubai

It is good to have a biometric time recorder in Dubai for staff and worker’s attendance monitoring, which enables fast & efficient attendance report calculation.