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ABM Innovative FZE has been duly incorporated as a Free Zone Establishment with Limited liability. Especially our management team has about 12 years of experience in the field of Time Management and Access Control System


We are proud to be the Middle East’s most preferred and Quality Solutions provider Company We shall earn our customer’s confidence through continuous improvement, integrity, innovation and operational excellence


Really important due to Our determination to focus on loyal customers. We continually focus their feedback on all areas of product quality and technical support services. We don’t just sell products but work hard to build relationships with our clients.


Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System

ABM Serve in field of Fingerprint Access Control solution, Biometric Time Attendance, and the Card Punching machine. Our most advanced modules of time Attendance Software are integrated with the door lock. URU 4500 Digital Persona and Bundy Clock Time Recorder can all integrate into one solution.

Fingerprint Resellers in UAE

Most importantly We offer direct services to Dubai Attendance & Access Control clients. Moreover Fingerprint Dubai Media City, In addition, Door lock access control Jabel Ali, and digital persona URU 4500.

Fingerprint access control system & time attendance in UAE

Above all, we served internationally likewise Biometric Saudi Arabia, Time recorder Muscat and Guard tour Oman. Fingerprint access control Bahrain and security Guard tour system Dubai.

Why Bio-metric attendance in UAE?
Generally, biometric fingerprint and face recognition are the real measurable system which used to check and verify people’s identity. Especially employee participation as identifiers is routinely programmed as fingerprint attributes. More probably these perspectives are related to the condition of the bio-metric structure.
Biometric fingerprint attendance machine Dubai

Firstly Biometric Behavioral viewpoints are related to the case of the behavior of an individual punching on the machine however not obliged to, Secondly composing time In and out logs. Thirdly a few experts have created the term behavior metrics to define the last class of biometrics. In UAE Dubai utilized the Fingerprint devices framework as door Access Control for security and Time punching records.

Access Control system in Dubai

For instance, to expect misrepresentation of device data is for the most part mixed when it is gathered by experts. On the other hand, here’s the best way by which biometric affirmation settles to change over the biodata. ABM programming order is used to recognize specific purposes of data as match focal points. Certainly, the match concentrates on the database and is ready using a finger that decodes that information into a numeric value. The database value is differentiated and the biometric data show the completion of the authenticity of the customer. Our Biometric digital approval is either embraced or denied the use of RFID Card.

Fingerprint attendance machine Dubai

ABM is a UAE based security devices reseller. We are proudly revolutionizing the security arrangements in the UAE. We have served dozens of companies with our products & services. Actually, our company got the award for doing work on some of the most secure workplaces in UAE. We strive to make the UAE a safer and more secure place to live.

Office fingerprint attendance Dubai
The best and economical fingerprint machines in Dubai. Our clients like low price time date stamping machine Dubai &  best Guard tour system.

Fingerprint employee attendance

ABM offers different type 0f a Punching card machine for attendance, time attendance system, Guard security system, access control system, and magnetic lock in Dubai. Our smart RFID card reader and Facial recognition machine are very popular in small and medium UAE based companies. The job card time date stamping machine is commonly used in the automobile service industry.
RFID card punch attendance in Dubai
We cover region for Guard tour system Abu Dhabi, card punching machine & Time date stamping. Nowadays RFID card attendance and punching machine Sharjah very famous in the local region. ABM job card machine Ras Al Khaimah and electronic security system company in Dubai mostly common in the growing industry of the labor market.


The fingerprint time attendance system has changed all the old methods in many organizations. The biometric attendance system gain popularity around the world prevents the false recording of working time that human resources otherwise used to do with the traditional manual time attendance. It also maintains track of the total work hours, late minutes, early going, automatic overtime calculation which is done by fingerprint time attendance.


ABM Biometric Access Control System operates the mechanism of a fingerprint rather than an RFID card system for entry. The best access Control System Dubai not only allows secure access but also gives complete data logs with reference to the entry of employees. The ABM innovative Attendance Software can be integrated with any third party ERP application and it generates automatic logs of queries developed by the ABM software and this minimizes human resource time and money in the calculation of salary sheet. It causes extra work hours and profitability for any company.



Since 2012 ABM time recorder has gained the favored product for best quality, long life mechanism, and budget price. ABM chooses David Link Singapore punch time card clocks are best for any SME and big companies to work up to the harshest weather of united Arab emirates. Our new digital model of time card machine in Dubai is designed for life long robustness with many new features with employee punches.


ABM offers world renown JWM Guard Tour System. Which is a merger of wand scanner, checkpoints, and monitoring software that acknowledges Security supervisors to track their workforce and generate a daily report? The daily report shows checkpoints status either visited or missing during a patrol tour. There is also a possibility to record events.

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