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Biometric Access Control System In Dubai

The use of a biometric access control system UAE has additional benefits for businesses because a strong customer entrance experience can lower security risks and provide them with a competitive edge. Only your authorized employee can use accessible pathways. You can exercise your legal HR rights to access, rectify, and reassure your employee’s personal information, as well as to object to processing, in compliance with the company-specific rules & regulations set by the HR department.

Biometric Access Control System In Dubai.
Access Control System Dubai

Fingerprint Time Attendance Dubai

You must be passionate to procure a brand-new best access control system. The HR department focuses on time management and enrolls each employee in the monthly roaster plan. Utilizing the best productivity output, try it for 30 days. The best access control option in order to be eligible for this practice keeps employees restricted to their respective areas. This feature cannot be used in conjunction with any other time attendance option.
The availability of the best access control system activates for a brief period. Go to “Access & Attendance” in ABM innovative Time app, click the “Near Access Door” option, and then choose “Forever open My Access” to start your subscription at any time.

Door Access Control Supplier in Dubai

Most construction sites where mobile workers may easily and quickly access a lot of information. When they utilize busy work schedules to transform their current tasks or browsers into job website time clocks.
This will significantly reduce human mistakes and unnecessary costs and enable them to secure new employment to keep vigilance on the entrance. The use of a door access control system allows managers to keep an eye on the labor movement. In an HR briefing about construction workers, all activity is monitored with the help of a door access control system.

Door Access Control Supplier in Dubai
Door Access Control System with Attendance

Attendance Management System


In GCC security region ABM Innovative FZE CEO Mr. Khan outlines the biometric identity verification solution. The company has developed a door access control system with attendance for smartphone users. Our mobile app does not require a web browser. An advanced technology that really measures physically and reads or scans the biometric trait. Smartphone Bluetooth option you can use to authenticate someone for the door access control system.

Time card punching machine Dubai

Together with our door access control system & Time card punching machine Dubai for the office, see the checklist for ABM enterprise solutions and be sure to learn more about access control systems. Biometrics is a method of verifying a person’s identity based on their biological, behavioral, or actual physical characteristics.
It is helpful for large-scale identity management across a variety of applications. ABM door access control for offices and restricted areas is one of the more popular and practical solutions. Three different types of uses for biometrics include face, palm, and fingerprints.

Fingerprint Attendance System

Through our app, you’ll be able to gain real-time access control fingerprint insights on how each employee or contractor spends their time so that you can plan for payroll and occupation estimates and reduce the manual tasks of monitoring your staff’s time. Access control fingerprint systems can be added to one, a few, or all of the doors in a building at the corporate level. Even if your building has multiple doors spread out throughout, you might not want or need to secure every single one. The astonishing thing is how simple it is to obtain accurate time administration data.

Nowadays, most companies demand remote access control system UAE! Options that are flexible, safe, and responsible for access control and time & attendance. Our access & surveillance systems restrict who or what may enter a bright building office. Remote access control is used for intelligent offices, where the receptionist monitors guests and clients.

The basic use of the entrance system is complying with magnetic door access control. Time and attendance (T&A) was the name given to the combination of a restrict lock and a clocking mechanism. Under the supervisor’s watchful eye, workers would punch their company cards on the magnetic door access control system upon arrival and departure.

Fingerprint Access Control System
access control installation Dubai

Security access control Dubai UAE

Wide use of thrust magnetic bars for security gate access control systems; you can install a bar within the door that, when pushed, releases the lock and allows exit. The responsibility for adhering to applicable legal requirements rests with your business. This function is provided solely for informational entry purposes and should be considered legal and accountable. We highly advise companies for replacement and obtain this type of security gate access control system specific to your business.

Mechanically business access control systems nearby are cylinder locks and effective systems. Perhaps the most business access controls categories. Traditional locks are still utilized in almost every building as a backup in case the digital system ever malfunctions. However, keep in mind that your business access control systems will be safer and that this is an obsolete form of control. In the main event that you’re using software to regulate and activate a business access control system.

Time and attendance system Dubai

Choose a solution with Time and attendance system Dubai customer like access control features rather than merely a key card entry system to provide your business visitors with the best experience possible. If your business requires your employees to carry things regularly, fingerprint technology might not be the best option.
Dubai’s biometric access control system offers more identity security than a typical proximity-based access control system. This is because a biometric system confirms and authenticates a person’s identity by using their unique, organic characteristics. Income tax may be imposed precisely where necessary.

Access Control System Price in Dubai

Both Companies and factories design access control system CAD drawings. Many companies employ biometrics to identify workers and grant entry cards.
As an illustration, the UAE Department of Labor promotes companies for security, uses facial and fingerprint recognition to validate visitors’ identities as they enter the company, and issues eco-friendly ID cards to foreign nationals workers. When HR tools are insufficient, we quickly get in touch with and send out a timekeeping officer to apprehend the bad folks of workers.

Access Control Software Dubai

Latest ABM Time & Access control system software, however, can capture essential data that will be used for your wage payment. This implies that a different perspective on the information collected is required. Consider the following while considering fingerprint recognition biometrics. Subdermal finger patterns are used in biometric recognition, or access control system software, to identify anyone’s fingerprint data.

Access Control System Price in Dubai
RFID Access Control System

Outddor Keypads Access Control

The most common type of entry for door access control systems UAE is proximity RFID keypads. In order to unlock the door, proximity viewers require end users to bring a pre-programmed card, key fob, or mobile application barcode close to the reader. To increase the security of the access control system in UAE, some businesses prefer to add photo ID to people’s card keys.

RFID Access Control Metal Keypad 

Some biometric authentication adds to the RFID access control system user manual. Hence, reducing security risks to biometric data requires continual effort rather than a one-time task. The RFID access control system user manual is written on a DIY basis to ensure strict physical security access controls to reduce the danger of unauthorized people entering the facility because they store vital information. According to recent research from the UAE labor department, most office workers countrywide would return to their workplaces on time as per their schedule.

Biometric Face Recognition System

  • Face Recognition access control 

Using a door access control system Dubai to identify someone has some significant limitations. As a result, it’s crucial that the attendance software in use can import data from the selected T&A door access control system. Choosing one that works with the majority of payrolls on the market is also advisable in case a change is later required.

Fastest, we do everything possible to prevent illicit activity using our door access control system in Dubai. Automated overtime identifies potentially improper overtime hours based on the most recent regulations. Most business owners have complete discretion and can reduce this recommendation in items. You can exercise your rights to the door access control system in Dubai.

  • Cloud APP base Remote access control 

Next generation apps, together with our smart access control system checklist for organizations, make sure to assess smart access control solutions thoroughly. So, any company that uses fingerprint biometrics to verify its workers must ensure that any biometric information it stores centrally on the main server. Smart access control is appropriately protected to prevent endangering its users.

  • ID card access control system Dubai

ID card access points to make sure that if one fails finger, the other way usually takes over. ID card access control systems can be added to one or more doors in a building at the corporation’s discretion. Whether or not your building has numerous doors, you could want to or need to secure each and every one of them. The security of biometrics must continuously be improved.

Biometric Door Access Control System Dubai
Card Door Lock Access Control System Dubai
Card Door Lock keypad Supplier in Dubai

At least a portion of the access control management system which makes up almost 20% of the staff, continued to work remotely after the pandemic. The UAE companies are now considering a hybrid in-office experience that would be very different from anything that has come before.
According to statistics on global office usage, the use of collaborative spaces increased by 50% in the last year, with areas being modified for employees of all types and sizes. Due to the access control management system, security quickly evolved throughout the pandemic, from being seen as a resource for risk reduction to playing a far more significant role in enterprises.

Access control  How does it work?

Would you want to receive up to 3 free quotes from Dubai access control  vendors who can meet your company’s needs? That’s what we offer here at ABM Innovative. As for the query, how does the access control system work? You simply need to check the installation company’s credibility in the market, number of clientele, after-sale support practices, price compatibility, and hardware compatibility with future expansions.

Fingerprint Attendance Dubai

Fingerprint time attendance systems revolutionize traditional attendance tracking methods by utilizing the unique fingerprint patterns of individuals for accurate and secure attendance recording. These systems eliminate the need for manual time cards or registers, reducing administrative work and minimizing errors.
Key features of fingerprint attendance systems include:

● Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint attendance systems use biometric technology to authenticate employees’ identities by analyzing their unique fingerprint patterns.
● Real-time Attendance Tracking: These systems provide real-time attendance tracking, allowing employers to monitor and record employee attendance instantly.
● Accuracy and Reliability: Fingerprint attendance systems offer high accuracy and reliability, as fingerprints are unique to each individual and cannot be easily duplicated.
● Elimination of Time Theft: With fingerprint authentication, employees cannot manipulate or cheat the attendance system, eliminating time theft practices.
● Automated Reporting: Fingerprint attendance systems generate automated reports, making it easier for HR departments to track attendance records, calculate work hours, and process payroll accurately.

Guard Tour System Dubai
Guard Tour System Dubai

Choosing ABM’s Guard Tour System offers numerous benefits for organizations looking to enhance their security and improve guard tour management. Let’s explore some of the key reasons why ABM’s Guard Tour System is a preferred choice:

Comprehensive Security Solution:  ABM’s Guard Tour System provides a comprehensive security solution that combines advanced technology with efficient management features. It offers a holistic approach to guard tour management, ensuring optimal security coverage and effective monitoring of guard activities.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: The Guard Tour System enables real-time monitoring of guard activities. It tracks and records the guard’s patrol routes, checkpoints, and incidents, providing instant visibility into their whereabouts and actions. Real-time reporting allows security personnel to respond quickly to any incidents or emergencies, enhancing overall security.

Accurate and Reliable Data Collection: ABM’s Guard Tour System utilizes advanced technology, such as RFID or barcode scanning, to ensure accurate and reliable data collection. Guards can easily scan checkpoints or tags along their patrol route, automatically recording the time and location. This eliminates manual data entry errors and provides accurate records for analysis and reporting.

Security patrol system Dubai

Efficient Guard Tour Management: The system offers efficient management features that streamline guard tour operations. It allows supervisors to schedule and assign tours, track guard performance, and manage shifts and rotations. The centralized platform simplifies administrative tasks, optimizing workflow and improving overall efficiency.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics: ABM‘s Guard Tour System provides customizable reporting and analytics capabilities. It generates detailed reports on guard activities, including patrol durations, incidents, and deviations from assigned routes. These reports help identify trends, assess performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance security protocols.

Integration with Other Security Systems: The Guard Tour System seamlessly integrates with other security systems, such as video surveillance or access control systems. This integration enables a comprehensive security ecosystem, allowing for synchronized data and streamlined incident response. It enhances overall situational awareness and facilitates effective security management.


A UAE based Technology Company, developing solutions for the latest security, monitoring, and timekeeping. We are well known for supplying Security products like Biometric devices, Fingerprint time attendance system, RFID, HID and Mifare access control systems, Guard Patrolling systems, Card Punching attendance machine, and Job Card time date stamping machine.ABM is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of security products and accessories in the UAE.


ABM advance fingerprint based attendance system has changed the scenario 0f old traditional manual attendance registers in many companies. The ABM fingerprint attendance system avoids buddy punching and false recording of working paid duration that workers otherwise wont to do with handwritten registers. It also monitors the period of the holidays issued by the fingerprint attendance software.


ABM access control system is designed to present a credential to a smart reader, the keypad sends the credential’s coding to the main controller, actually a processor builtin in a control panel, the most authentic mainboard. The access control matches the credential’s code to an access panelist, assign or denies the request query, and sends a confirmation log to a server.


Time Recorder Biometric fingerprint attendance, facial recognition, touchless time attendance system. ABM represents all biometric time attendance recorders that come with optional a PIN, EM proximity card, HID card, Mifare card and network feature. Face time attendance is the best touchless biometric device to record the real-time attendance logins.


The JWM Guard patrolling system is the most advanced tracking solution to get maximum value from the security supervisor, it is necessary that the supervisor monitor day and night patrols according to predefine procedures by management. Normally, secure area patrols practice at least two to four times per shift, and we suggest our clients should make sure to inspect all critical areas of the premises.
EM proximity card, HID card, Mifare card and network feature. Face time attendance is the best touchless biometric device to record the real-time attendance logins.

ABM Serve in field of Fingerprint Access Control solution, Biometric Time Attendance, and the Card Punching machine. Our most advanced modules of time Attendance Software are integrated with the door lock. URU 4500 Digital Persona and Bundy Clock Time Recorder can all integrate into one solution.

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