ZM-850 Standalone professional fingerprint access control system, Color LCD Adopt new version algorithms the most advanced fingerprint algorithm, high speed, and stability. Improve the quality of reading and well accept all kinds of fingerprints. Reading speed less than 1 second when fingerprint capacity Beep alarm when records are full, voice prompt with all operations.

Technical Specification

Item Description
Working voltage 12V 150MA
Dynamic current 250MA
Relay contact current 3A 120VAC/28VDC
LCD 2.4’ TFT color screen
Operation temperature 0°C, 20%–60%– +45°C
Dimension (mm) 185 X 80 X 35 mm
FRP ≤1%
FAR ≤0.0001%
Reaction time ≤1s
Sensitivity level setting 1:N/1:1
Identification mode Fingerprint/password/card,
Capacity of fingerprint 2000
Capacity of records 60, 000
Communication mode RS485, TCP/IP
Time group 30 groups
Alarm Alarm for removal prevention,
Wigand interface Supports standard 26/34 input and output

Bio metric Fingerprint access control System Dubai

ZM-850 LINUX Embedded operation depends on biometric access control system furthermore consequently 24 hours continuous operation enables the performance of the terminal which are steady and credible. Support 360-degree rotation identification, easy to use likewise User name display, support ID card function standard Intelligent update certainly of a best quality fingerprint template.

Access Control System

ZM-850 door access control Dubai is an efficient security tool however it is used in the most sensitive security checkpoints with great effect on the day time restricted access. For comet door access control system prices in Dubai. You can find to contact us on our page at abm innovative.  Fingerprint  attendance Dubai supplies & install door access security system budget friendly. Our door access control system installation is suitable in premises such as city commercial buildings, sizable schools, technical colleges, industrial warehouses, and Public & Government Institutions.

Door Lock Supplier in Dubai

ZM-850 door access control system‘s  wiring diagram is similar to the multi door access control system. Security importance of locks and brackets can never be over elaborate.  Door lock system Dubai commits to make the latest technologies in locks and brackets all over UAE. ABM used best access control Readers and touch less button for going out Exit, We used best quality touch less Push Button, Bolt Magnetic Locks, U & LZ Brackets. We are famous in access fitting plates, Wireless Door Bell, Remote Controls and access control brands in UAE. We assured for getting only the best products in terms of quality, durability, and prices.

Door access control system Dubai

Most business center and factory wellness focuses that have begun utilizing USB fingerprint impression scanner and feel that this makes it simple. To confirm the individuals and groups of labor simultaneously. This change can likewise help the office expense by lessening the utilization of pen and paper. Each employee is need to put his or her finger on the USB bio metric  Sensor. Every unique finger impression scan and afterward enter a 4-digit code. The unique fingerprint attendance impression filter and compile the right code. Biometric machine together can permit admittance to the middle. This bio metric idea of access control simply requires a moment and would engage the office individuals. Particularly when they would rather not sit around idly by filling long structures or convey a card constantly. Fingerprint & Face Recognition access control system for storage spaces in control room; give the office to individuals to protect their identity effects.

Access Control System Installation Dubai

Access control system in Dubai:

Fingerprint RFID Card Face detection scanners give the practicality of participation. In Factories, normally a authorized code is needed to show his/her individuals’ card at the assistant and stand by while the card is being checked for dynamic participation however utilizing unique mark filtering gadgets to confirm enrollments can raise the entire interaction hell free and assist with saving time. This idea will likewise forestall unapproved admittance to exercise centers and wellness focuses.

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