Face Recognition & Fingerprint Device best touchless device to prevent Covid-19 Virus spread. Certainly using our facial recognition device you can protect your staff to mark attendance without touching any device just show face on the device and leave the place without touching and face recognition in Dubai.

Product Specification

Model FK301 1)Screen: 4.3”TFT Touch color screen
2)Volume: 500 users(500Face,500password ,5000 fingerprints), 200000 attendance records
3)access control: support
4)Attendance report:  USB disk download attendance data OR use software
5)Communication:Support USB2.0 ,TCP/IP, WIFI
6)Built-in lithium battery
7)User name display:Support
8)USB disk Upload/Download:Support
9)FRR:≤0.01% ,FAR:≤0.0001% ,Recognition speed≤1S

Face Recognition Attendance Dubai

Advance HR solutions in timekeeping searches mostly related to the face recognition attendance system. ZK Teco developed for recognize a quick and authenticate way of taking labor attendance. ZK-Iface 900 face recognition attendance system, ZK Teco Iface 880,  ZK-3969 all hold market best selling products status. IFace is the most reliable Time & Attendance device to be associated with a hybrid fingerprint sensor reader. ABM Innovative face recognition attendance system certainly use promptly while registering the face in a long queue. Because it captures the front face position of an employee by the XYZ angle. ZK Teco face recognition attendance system most noteworthy solution certainly best even more.

Bio metric access control system in Dubai

Git Hub verifies the employee because if they wear spectacle, turbine, or gained a beard, lost, or increase weight.

ABM face recognition attendance system project code python registers the employee’s unique face with a maximum of 10 fingerprints. Due to that reason, the employee can use their fingers certainly for attendance. Because the device is not detected in employee faces so make sure proper lighting .

Face Recognition Attendance Dubai

Face Recognition attendance Dubai in UAE

Access Control diagram for face recognition due to the attendance system calculate the binary value because probably of the captured face bone and compared face recognition attendance system. Find the face information of the matched face image in the database.

The ABM face recognition attendance system using latest algorithm. This section presents the results of the experiments face recognition attendance system seminar ppt face attendance machine. Comet and ZK teco face & finger attendance system with bold learning technology, This will allow HR to have solid confidence in their facial recognition time and attendance system.

Face Bio metric Attendance Sharjah 

ABM’s Face Recognition scans the face of each employee, So it will continue to learn and update simultaneously any changes to the face of that particular employee. The face recognition attendance system, face access control system and bio metric eye detection system is core requirement of all companies

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