S-200 Face/ Fingerprint/ PIN can hold certainly up to 1, 200 faces, and furthermore  2,000 fingerprint templates. It enables the company likewise to manage more employees with less use of terminals. Optional RFID provides more choices while for company customers to manage time & attendance and access control both likewise.

Model No IFace-200
Photo  Available
LCD Screen Touch screen 2.8
TFT 320*240
camera Double camera certainly
Verify mode Face、Finger PIN Probably
User capacity 300 almost
Log capacity 100000 logs probably
Identify speed ≤1s maybe
FAR ≥99%
FRR ≤0.1%
Angle of Identification horizontal;±20°vetical:±20°
Distance of Identification 30~80CM
U disk yes
Fuction keys Supports 10 function keys
Bell ring Yes
Time section 4 Time section
language ENGLISH
Anti tamper yes certainly


Face Fingerprint Time Attendance System

While utilizing the face fingerprint access control recognition? ABM innovation based time attendance participation framework must be easily adopt in any organization. You can get various advantages to Maintains Overall Attendance Records

Facial recognition of employee attendance

A mechanized face recognition time participation framework keeps up the general presence record of the representatives in the association. The overtime time and information sheet with the extra hours, night time, sick leaves were taken by the employees. The unpaid leaves of the workers, and so on everything can be very much overseen, and likewise, work appropriation can be arranged. Planning of the staff can likewise be known through it which can eventually upraise the gainful hours.

Get Rid of manual attendance System

The most current innovation helps paper register strategy effectively. It likewise sets association used to spend more manual safety officers work hours. And afterward additionally it was efficient with regards to fulfillment of work time. The face recognition time attendance participation framework gives better upkeep of information as it bolsters the electronic vehicle of information stockpiling. Additionally, the framework gives a decent impression of the association before the business customers and other concerned individuals.

how to make face recognition attendance as Financial Benefits?

The face-recognition time participation framework helps in sparing time, takes out the manual mix-ups, and powers over the worker robbery. Since the face recognition framework controls each and every function electronically consequently, diminishes the chance of mistake. The participation is noted down electronically thusly it spares season of the workers which they can proficiently enjoy their profitable hours.

What is face recognition attendance system?

The vital business measure is to finance the board. It burns-through difficult work as well as a monstrous measure of time when it is determined physically. The HR and other money-related offices give their 100% yet at the same time the outcome comes surprisingly. The best way to get the computation precisely is with the assistance of the face-recognition time attendance participation framework. In the event that the time-related information can be looked after consequently, at that point with the assistance of finance programming, finance can be created right away.

Facial recognition for attendance taking Do not need to recollect!

Whenever you have executed the gadget there is no issue of recollecting that anything as, the gadget is sufficiently solid to be trusted. Just set the gadget as indicated by your authoritative necessity and appreciate the administrations.

Face recognition attendance system with temperature

Every one of these points of interest is primarily answerable for picking up the presence in the current market to offer facial recognition with temperature. The use of time clock application participation framework as well as the face-recognition access control framework is additionally being used these days for controlling the entrance at the premises due to covid-19. Presently, it’s your chance to all the more likely secure your premises. ABM is connected with face recognition framework.

Why Face Recognition

ABM Innovative face & finger attendance system is developing new-generation devices that are exclusively powered with face recognition and fingerprint punching consequently, which can also eliminate the harsh weather conditions of the UAE. Comet face recognition attendance system handles large projects.  You can find the complete model list of comet products. ABM iFace 301 fingerprint face recognition attendance system offers similarly PPT.

Time Tracking :

ABM fingerprints are the most popular and economical product in the local UAE market. FK-301 face recognition attendance system python and Comet face biometrics attendance systems can use different types of time tracking systems, such as, iFace-200 face detection access control which can surely meet your time and attendance requirements likewise for the HR department.

HR Preference :

Mostly HR team is looking for an ZK iFace-900 face  recognition attendance system. You can also check out the seminar report of GITEX Dubai. Where multiple face detection and facial recognition methods are used for attendance system. ABM face attendance machine Dubai, which is designed exclusively for SME companies to enhance access security so it improve work performance accordingly.Comet time attendance system Dubai, are some excellent attendance machines with free after sales support. It includes a one year warranty by abm Innovative Fze.

FK-301 fingerprint attendance system Dubai is equipped with Facial & Iris Recognition features as well as with time attendance mechanisms with multi bio metric identification. Comet’s time attendance machine’s low price benefits to the on-time observance and accurate analysis of your workforce working hours.

Payroll Cost 

ABM Innovative is a time punching machine master supplier in Sharjah. Our products calculate the exact timings of your employee which provides real-time attendance solutions that can eliminate time frauds and reduces quite a noticeable payroll cost. Because every person’s fingerprint is unique in this world. FK-301 time attendance machine software’s algorithm saves unauthorized images of a fingerprint in the SQL database. Comet attendance punching machine is available with iris, voice, retina, face, hand, and vein recognition. You can get our expert advice on what Biometric time attendance system is suitable for your current HR needs.

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