A bestseller in the past few years for its high performance and cost-effective price. The metal body and molded rubber shell, which protect the electronics against damage and secure data inside, make wand rugged enough to withstand damage. With special waterproof pad and adhesive. our low-cost state of the art solution is matchless in UAE market.

Brand Name: JWM
Model Number: WM-5000V+
Certificate: CE FCC RoHS
Reading type: RFID non contact reading
Date transmission: USB cable
Indication: beep and led
Software: Multi-language
Battery: rechargeable battery
IP standard: IP 67
Weight: 191g
Name: WM-5000V+ hot sell security guard

ABM Innovative Guard Tour System is widely been used in UAE, at critical, precise, and sensitive places.

JWM guard tour system’s price is the finest in guard tour patrol system according to the current Dubai market. WM-5000 guard tour system supplies robust and durable 125kHz RFID based guard tour patrol reader which can be benefitted of guard tour system with your complete route scans and tasks, after which the supervisor submits the daily report data on a real-time basis.


WM-5000V IP67 guard tour system is specially designed with a waterproof pad and solid metal body covered with durable sleek rubber. www.abm-pk.com guard tour system Dubai offers daily patrolling needed to view your timesheets and trends between scans checkpoints.

WM-5000V guard tour system software generates a complete list for checkpoints to the main security-specific cabin. ABM online patrol management system sends patrol information guards, GPS location, and checkpoint on site maps with special critical events, current time & panic alarm through a 4G network in real-time.

Guard patrol tour system Dubai

In this ABM Innovative security guard checkpoint system, the software can generate many different types of reports which can demonstrate the guards’ patrolling activities through the chart, statistical table and all reports can be printed in excel or pdf format.

JWM guard patrolling system solely operates projects by www.abm-pk.com. WM 5000V guard tour systems’ price is the most competitive in the UAE market.

Guard tour system manufacturers JWM

JWM-5000V guard tour system suppliers, codes at mandatory locations, or on critical items that are quickly captured online or offline by a 4G network. At ABM Innovative FZE, a patrol management system you can create your team’s timetable and automatically monitor your supervisors. JWM guard tour system Dubai is a special reader that is fully waterproof and ruffian proof guard tour software.

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