Fingerprint attendance Specification 

FS-20 Biometric Fingerprint advance 32 Bit Cordis,  RISC. Sensor Algorithm. However HSA 8.0. Fingerprint with New sensor most importantly work real optical mechanism. Fingerprint effective collecting area. 6.30 x 5.510 inch.As a result Fingerprint acceptance angle. Less Then ± for instance.

Biometric time attendance in Dubai

FS-20 work harsh UAE environment more ever 44.99°C. Fingerprint user capacity is 2000 nos and EM RFID card capacity also 2000 nos. although PIN Capacity is 2000 passwords, In conclusion, attendance logs memory is approx 200000 logs in nos. ABM Innovative FZE establishes client trust most noteworthy by continuous after-sales support.

Fingerprint attendance project:

The most secure Fingerprint scanners in Dubai from ABM UAE. We are the main supplier of advanced USB fingerprint readers for the best price across the Middle East and Africa. Whether you require a high-quality device or a budget fingerprint machine, we will advise you on the best model to choose from our fingerprint device stocks with the customize matching engine products. We offer an unmatched ability to recognize even the most difficult fingerprints algorithm certainly.

Technical Specification

CPU Type Advance 32 Bit Cordis 5.0 + RISC certainly
Sensor Algorithm  HSA 8.0 may be
Fingerprint New sensor Real Optical probably
Effective collecting area 6.30 x 5.510 inch almost
Fingerprint acceptance angle Less Then ± 44.99°C seems like
Fingerprint user capacity 2000 nos. in contrast
EM card capacity 2000 nos.
Attendance logs memory 200000 nos.
Query logs Available certainly
Verify mode All Fingerprint, Password, Card
False reject rate(FRR) Less Then 0.01%
False accept rate(FAR) Less Then 0.0001%
Identification time Less Then 1Sec
Identification speed Fastest 5000—-30000 nos./sec
Verify way 1:1/1:N
Voice option High Definition  voice
LCD 128.0 x 64.0 Large blue background with Black characters
Language display on LCD English
Name display on LCD Available
LED Indicator Red and Green LED light
Keypad 16 numeric keys
Card reader inside Available
Card type Proximity EM
Punching distance 10—-70 mm
TCP/IP Communication Available
USB Data download/ upload Yes
U Disk download Yes
Software support Time Attendance Software
Access control function Lock Integration
Power supply 12Volts DC
Current 1 Amps
Backup power 1gAh 7.4Volts

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